Contact Us

Please read the below before you contact us. We are now only serving New Haven, West Haven, Milford, Shelton, Stratford and Orange, CT at this time. Thank you.

We started this business because we are passionate about New Haven style pie. Going to all the famous pizzeria’s in West Haven and New Haven all our lives led us to starting Fired Up Pizza Truck. We believe that we have an incredible, professional, clean and fun package with the pizza, dessert pies and the music to bring it all together for an amazing party. This is not what we do for a living, it’s what we do as a passion. There is a difference.

We are not cheap and we do not negotiate price, just being upfront.

We do not offer gluten free pizza, it’s just not our thing. Sorry.

We only do paid events. We get a lot of calls for fundraisers, carnivals, music events for us to just show up and we just don’t do those types of events. Sorry.

Coming from a professional environment we used to promptly return each and every email, phone call, text, etc. even if we were not available for that specific date and time. It’s come to a point for many reasons that we just can’t return every call, text, email. At this point we are telling everyone that if we do not respond to you in 24 hrs. we are not available.

If this all makes sense and you are still interested in talking with us please click the email link below. Please include the date, time, town/city and how many guests you will have at your event.

Thank you for your understanding.

Frank Zabski